Always give your customers more than they expect to get.

Experienced & qualified staff

Digesting the information and conveying a solution quickly and effectively.

24/7 Consultant availability

Provide a more convenient service for your customers

Natural language dialects

To serve Gulf countries and the levant.

About Us


Direct Impact expertise is a call center service provider that takes a holistic, business-first approach to the customer experience, maintaining a focus on business results and growing their bottom line.

We offer solutions to companies looking to expand their business with affordable call center services.

What We Offer

Provide your customers with friendly, professional service that not only solves their problems or answers their questions, but also leaves them feeling satisfied with the service they received.

Call Center Services

Lead Generation Services

Technical Support Services

 Why Us?


We strive to help our clients to enhance their entire customer experience lifecycle

Enabling our clients to build relationships and improve engagement with their customers and unlock new business value

Adjust our call center services according to your needs and business goals

Maximize the return of investment​

 How we do it?


Understand the requirements

Agree on the needs​

Allocate the team​

Kick-start the project​

Monthly utilization reports will be shared​

Replacing any team member​

Provide tools to listen to the recorded calls​



  • One of the most attractive offshore destinations in the Middle East region. 
  • High availability of labor with key specialization in areas such as IT giving.
  • Stability and availability of telecom connectivity with highest bandwidth.
  • Competitive labor wages which allows Direct Impact to compete globally.

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